Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud & Infrastructure

In modernization discussions, “cloud” now calls for contemporary software architectures, containerized deployment, on-demand services and automation – and is arguably the most important component of your digital journey. However, before you can thrive on the cloud, there are numerous, complex choices to make around providers and integration, making it difficult to even know where to start the journey.

No matter where you are, Aarna Connect is a trusted partner to help guide your journey. We help quickly create, launch and deliver your multi-cloud strategy, new services and products. We incorporate the best of all the major cloud providers into a seamless experience for your customers, employees and other stakeholders. We reduce complexity, costs and operational challenges while modernizing. We also actively contribute our expertise and resources to Terraform via the open source community on Github.The majority of businesses today are aware of the competitive benefits that cloud technology provides. Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to grow quickly. However, one of the biggest roadblocks that organizations face on their cloud journey is not knowing where to start. Unplanned and templated cloud plans frequently fail, as one-size-fits-all cloud methods do not work. Enterprises can achieve the requisite agility and elasticity to sustain – and scale – their business growth with the correct, tailored cloud strategy.

Aarna Connect Improves Business Agility with its Cloud Advancement Services:

With our cloud consulting services, our team of experts is equipped to assist organizations at any stage of their cloud journey. Our cloud experts can assist you with all aspects of cloud computing, planning, computing, migration, implementation, and management. We can assist you in choosing the best cloud for your needs. This includes designing both short-term and long-term cost-governance structures, which helps you choose the cloud or hybrid solution that is best for your business while supplying end-to-end migration management and support.Not only do we have cloud expertise, but we also have an inherent understanding of how businesses scale and grow when they navigate the complex cloud landscape successfully.




Aarna Connect offers a guided framework to design a cloud migration roadmap in alignment with their business objectives


Aarna Connect guides enterprises to define, design, and deploy cloud foundation services by evaluating non-functional aspects such as security, cost management, and continuous improvement.


Aarna Connect helps enterprises redefine their transition strategy to ensure frictionless migration of applications to the public and hybrid cloud through a factory model approach.


Aarna Connect cloud modernization services ensure a seamless transition from legacy monoliths to microservices-based cloud architectures leveraging automation and AI across all major industries.


Businesses can benefit from the cloud by embracing technologies such as AI-ML, IoT, Blockchain, and conversational experiences.


Aarna Connect provides end-to-end security services across the cloud journey, starting from migration advisory to design and architecture, and assurance.